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Zack Warden Bike Check

Zack Warden bike check.  Click through to check it out.
This is my 2012 Bama, I’ve been running this set up for a while now and don’t think I will be making any changes in the future. This bike seems to take what ever I send its way, and has definitely become one of my all-time favorite rides.
Frame: Hoffman 12 bama 20.5
Forks: Odyssey dirt forks
Bars: Tree branch bars
Grips Hoffman Razz

Brakes: éclat green apple
Seat Animal cush seat w/ Hoffman Uber post
Sprocket: 30t Tree lite
Cranks: Kink pillar cranks

Chain: Shadow half link chain
Pedals:  Fly Ruben
Wheels: Tree hubs laced to Aliennation Delinquent
Tires: Maxis in from and KHE in back
Pegs: Hoffman 36D Alloy
Stem: Hoffman  FL Stem
Custom: I run a random grip flange between the sprocket and frame to help stop crank spin.