Seth Kimbrough

Name: Seth Kimbrough
DOB: 11-04-1982
Sponsors: Hoffman bikes, shadow conspiracy, ipath shoes, Dans competition.
Social media:  FB, Twitter, Instagram-@seth_kimbrough

First BMX Memory: The day my older brother showed me what a bunny hop was, my life has never been the same.
Describe your riding style: I tend to lean more toward the tech side, but I love to ride everything.
Typical Day: Wake up, ride my motorcycle to the gym, work out and run for about two hours, then go home, eat lunch and chill for a bit. Then I’ll go ride.
Dream Day: That’s hard to say… Any day involving a good adventure is a dream day.
Music choice when riding: Rap, or a good chill instrumental band.
Music choice when chilling: Same as above.
Favorite non bmx sport: Don’t really keep up with sports.
Favorite non bmx activity:  (that you actually participate in) Long fast motorcycle rides, piano, drums, running, rock climbing, working on cars and motorcycles.
Night in or night out on the town: I’m up for both.
Favorite sites/phone apps: instagram, pandora.
One random fact about yourself: I’m a hermit.
Favorite thing to ride: A 6 foot mini ramp.
Favorite latest bmx trend: None.
Favorite Hoffman Product: I’m really happy with the Bama line.